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Consultation - event planning fees - NJ, NYC


The first step in the proposal process is a free, hour-long phone consultation, during which we’ll create a rough event blueprint detailing the general who, what, when, where (NJ, NYC or nationwide) and how of the event, and agreements on the next steps.

Proposal - event planning fees - NJ, NYC


After the consultation, we will prepare an Event Concept Proposal within one week. The proposal will formally outline the results of the consultation and will include a draft timeline and event planning budget as well as a proposed event planning fee, which is an estimate of the cost of our services for planning and implementing the event.

event planning fee - NJ, NYC

Event Planning Fees

The event planning fee is based on the calculated hours required to manage the project through completion. The event planning fee doesn’t include travel or other out-of-pocket expenses, which are billed to you at cost and included in the overall event planning budget. Changes to previously-selected services may increase your event planning budget but will not affect the event planning fee. You pre-approve all budget increases. You are responsible for all vendor invoices and other expenses; the event planning fee covers Events with Ginger & Co.’s services only.

Nonprofit organizations receive a 20% discount off our corporate rates.

Master Event Plan - event planning fee - NJ, NYC

Master Event Plan

Once the Event Concept Proposal and event planning fee are approved and contract for engagement signed, we will begin work on the event and develop a Master Event Plan: a working document of services, vendors and venues, budgets, timelines and all other details necessary for the seamless execution of the event. We maintain consistent communication with you through the event planning process, providing regularly scheduled progress reports with an up-to-date Master Event Plan.

Rescue event planning fees - NJ, NYC

Rescue Event Planning

It is always recommended to contact an event planner as early in the process as possible, but if you find yourself in a last-minute bind, we can help you with just three to six weeks notice. See our quick-pick list of short-term event planning services here.

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