Event Planning Internship Update

Since the first day I started my event planning internship, I have been curious how event planners are able to successfully execute their events. Thanks to Events with Ginger & Co.,  I can confidently say I am learning more and more about the event planning industry. Something I’m really noticing throughout my event planning internship is the constant dedication Ginger and Amy put into all their events. They are not just event planners, they are masterminds! They are hard-working, never take NO for an answer and ALWAYS strive for the best of the best. They make it look so easy when in reality, it isn’t. How do they do this? Do they just randomly call people? Do they go straight to the computer and start Googling things? There has to be some kind of logical and professional system they use to successfully execute these events. Well, I have two words for you: Contact Lists.

event planning internship events with ginger & co.

Throughout this event planning internship, I am learning that having a robust contact list is an absolute necessity. No matter what kind of event you are planning – a walk, a gala or even a conference – you need a contact list that is constantly updated to ensure resources are at your fingertips.

Constantly Keeping Up with Contacts

At Events with Ginger & Co., our contact list consists of about 2,000 contacts. Why so many contacts? Trust me, they are necessary! We have contacts for pretty much anything you can possibly ask for. Our list consists of restaurants, auctions houses, DJs, photo booths, museums, bands and more. You want flowers at your event? Well we have some florists in mind for you! You need security and transportation for your guests? We have that as well! You need help with signage and photography? You bet we have that!

We do our best to keep our contact list as updated as possible so we can be efficient and quick with communicating with our clients. We do this by keeping our mailing list in an excel document which makes organizing and even searching quick and easy. We not only keep a record of the company’s information but we also keep a record of who we need to contact from that specific company. This enables us to get right to the source and get information faster. Along with contact information, we also keep a record of links to the company’s website, event calendar and most recent news articles, blog posts, etc. We also keep a notes section where we indicate small and brief details pertaining to the company, such as a brief description of the company and its duties, whether or not it is permanently closed, temporarily under construction, renamed, relocated, and when we last updated this contact.  As an event intern, this seems like the perfect recipe for a successful and organized event.

When I was asked during my event planning internship to help edit the Events with Ginger & Co.’s contact list, I thought it would be a breeze, a walk in the park, a piece of cake! Well, I was undeniably mistaken. Never underestimate the power of forming connections and building up your business. It’s very interesting to see how Events with Ginger & Co. has grown over the years and the many connections and friendships they have created and are still creating today. It’s not always easy to find and build professional connections but Ginger and Amy make it a priority. Thanks to Events with Ginger & Co.’s professional work ethic, dedication, time management and thorough communication they have been able to build a very successful business allowing them to help others deliver a fantastic and successful event. They truly have found the Holy Grail to successful event planning.

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