The Event WOW Factor – A Laser Light Show!

In this era where everyone has seen it all and nothing impresses people very much anymore, we’ve been facilitating some event entertainment that has the event WOW factor – a laser light show! We have had the opportunity to have laser light shows at several of our outdoor events. It really is a perfect finale to the evening: to both thank the attendees and cap off the night in a special way.

The logistics of mounting a laser light show are quite substantial. It needs to begin well in advance of the event. There are usually several permits required. There needs to be a great deal of advance conversation and planning between the laser light show company and the production company, as well as the rental company and others. Even the company that provides a specialty stage ramp comes into play. How will the screen be lowered and set up in the short window between the end of the program and the start of the light show? Will the lasers go out over the crowd? That’s an entirely different setup. Working together on-site to troubleshoot is integral to a great show and achieving the event WOW.

Programming the show itself requires a great working relationship between the client and the laser light show company. The music that accompanies the lasers is as important as the images themselves. Creating a 20-minute music mix takes a great deal of input with regard to the tone, catchiness, and message of each song.

Integrating sponsor logos into the images of the laser light show creates a great synergy at an event. For example, when there are groups of people from each sponsor’s company that will “whoop it up” during the laser light show, this will add to the enthusiasm of the crowd.
If it is in your budget (contact us at Events with Ginger & Co. – we can help!), a laser light show is a crowd-pleasing way to celebrate a community experience for your attendees.

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About Amy Ferrone

Amy Ferrone brought her communication and organizational skills to the event planning firm Events with Ginger & Co. in 2011. Now Associate Event and Office Manager, she has been the lead event planner on events for Autism Speaks, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the Foundation Fighting Blindness, among others. She is also on-site at virtually every event at which the events company works.Prior to her time as a full-time mom to Mac, Owen and Sean, Amy worked on Wall Street, last at AIG Global Investment Group as an Operations Manager and Consultant. Amy is active in her sons' schools as Treasurer of the PTA and helping plan and run events throughout the year. Amy graduated from the College of the Holy Cross with a degree in Chemistry. She lives in Scotch Plains, NJ with her husband and boys.

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