NJ and NYC Event Planners: Is It Possible To Have Fun When It’s Impossibly Cold?

As I watch all the activities in the lead-up to the Super Bowl this Sunday (with a son who is sleeping in his Russell Wilson Seahawks jersey every night, I can’t avoid it!), I find myself in NJ / NYC event planner mode: concerned for the players, spectators, and vendors at the pre-Bowl events – and at the Super Bowl itself – that are being held outside. Is it possible to have fun when it’s impossibly cold?

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Super Bowl Boulevard is set up in NYC on Broadway between 34th-47th Streets from Wednesday through Saturday, with all sorts of fun events happening. As a Jersey girl, I do need to point out that the Super Bowl is actually taking place in New Jersey, but I guess New York City can get in on the act if they want. Although there is no tailgating allowed on Game Day, spectators will still be outside for six to eight hours straight. How do you enjoy the spectacle of the year when it’s below freezing?

I’m sure all the VIP parties/pre-Bowl events will have every space heater in the tri-state area heating up their tents, and I’m sure the event planners in NYC and NJ are coming up with ingenious hot chocolate displays and inventive ways to give out hand warmers… but for the game itself: can you have fun when you’re really cold?

My feeling is that you absolutely can have fun when it’s this cold. This past weekend, two of my sons participated in a Cub Scouts Klondike Trek held near our home in NJ. Eight scouts from their pack prepped for the trek for several weeks, as there was great deal of information they needed to know. The “stations” ranged from Fire Building to Orienteering to First Aid to Preparedness.

Did I mention it was 16 degrees outside that day? And that the kids (and the chaperones!) were outside for 3 ½ hours? And it started to snow about ½ hour before they were done? These boys managed the event beautifully, with tons of enthusiasm and a good attitude. They finished tied for 2nd place out of 14 patrols – fabulous!

The lesson learned is that a good attitude will get you far – but warm layers of clothes will get you farther!

Enjoy the deep freeze, all you intrepid Super Bowl-goers, while this NJ event planner enjoys the game, the halftime show, and all the commercials that you’ll miss from the comfort of a warm home!

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Amy Ferrone brought her communication and organizational skills to the event planning firm Events with Ginger & Co. in 2011. Now Associate Event and Office Manager, she has been the lead event planner on events for Autism Speaks, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the Foundation Fighting Blindness, among others. She is also on-site at virtually every event at which the events company works.Prior to her time as a full-time mom to Mac, Owen and Sean, Amy worked on Wall Street, last at AIG Global Investment Group as an Operations Manager and Consultant. Amy is active in her sons' schools as Treasurer of the PTA and helping plan and run events throughout the year. Amy graduated from the College of the Holy Cross with a degree in Chemistry. She lives in Scotch Plains, NJ with her husband and boys.

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