A March Event Instead of April

Working on a March event is a great deal of fun; you work during the cold, dark winter days, and the event blossoms just in time for spring! It has a slightly different feel than events in the traditional spring event season. March events could conceivably come in like a lion, and go out like a lamb, but not so with an annual event that we’ve been lucky enough to work on for four years. Autism Science Foundation’s Annual Day of Learning was always in April, but with a plethora of April events in NYC, the date for the 4th Annual Day of Learning was moved to the end of March this year.

When an April event becomes a March event, the timeline is compressed. All the tasks need to be done earlier, such as reconfirming the venue and menu, and reviewing a Banquet Event Order earlier. The registration website needs to be tweaked and go live earlier, as attendees need to be reminded to save a spot on their calendar for this now March event.

Choosing the program and each specific speaker’s topic is a delicate balancing act to get a good range of topics that will meld well together, but also touch on a wide variety of current trending topics in the autism community.

The accommodation arrangements for the speakers needs to be secured and confirmed earlier, and all speaker communications need to happen on a more timely basis. Do not forget to let all the vendors know about the compressed timeline – the proofreader, graphic designer, printer, and everyone else need to be onboard for this March event.

With the advantage of a repeat event with most of the same vendors, a timeframe compression is not a problem to make a spring event into a March event. There could be snow on the ground, but inside the Day of Learning, education is blooming!

March event Events with Ginger & Co.

About Amy Ferrone

Amy Ferrone brought her communication and organizational skills to the event planning firm Events with Ginger & Co. in 2011. Now Associate Event and Office Manager, she has been the lead event planner on events for Autism Speaks, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and the Foundation Fighting Blindness, among others. She is also on-site at virtually every event at which the events company works.Prior to her time as a full-time mom to Mac, Owen and Sean, Amy worked on Wall Street, last at AIG Global Investment Group as an Operations Manager and Consultant. Amy is active in her sons' schools as Treasurer of the PTA and helping plan and run events throughout the year. Amy graduated from the College of the Holy Cross with a degree in Chemistry. She lives in Scotch Plains, NJ with her husband and boys.

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