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Autism Speaks To Wall Street Annual Celebrity Chef Gala

October 13, 2015
November 3, 2014
October 21, 2013
October 9, 2012
October 3, 2011
October 4, 2010
October 24, 2007

We help with various aspects of these unique chef events, where world-famous chefs cook table-side for attendees and help to raise over $1 million each year. Our services have included confirming all attendees, managing the check-in process, recruiting and organizing the volunteers for the evening, and working with the chefs and vendors to help the chef event go off without a hitch. Learn more about the Celebrity Chef Gala here.

Read press about the 2013 event.

In 2012, we also helped with the auctions by tracking and organizing items for the silent and live auctions, including on-site checkout.

You are excellent at what you do.  Every time you are on a new project, I know it will be well-executed and nothing will fall through the cracks.  I appreciate every follow up email I get from you, even on my busiest of days!

—Jamitha Fields, VP, Community Affairs
Autism Speaks, April 2012

In 2007, the inaugural Chef Gala was the first event to offer table-side cooking to over 370 people, and the event raised over $1.1 million for Autism Speaks. In addition to preparing and executing the run-of-show, arrangements for entertainers Darrell Hammond and Lisa Loeb were made and production was implemented $100,000 under budget.

Autism Speaks Chef Gala 2007 Chef Events NYC

Ginger was a go-to person for Autism Speaks during an important time of transition in our events department. One month before our first Chef Gala, she came on board to project manage the event logistics so that the committee could focus on it’s goal to raise over $1 million. Ginger then came on board to oversee the staff roles, timeline and logistics for the $1.8 million Concert for Autism Speaks featuring Lionel Richie and was instrumental in making the entire process flow smoothly. She has been an asset to our organization and I recommend her skills and services to others.

—Glenn Tringali, Executive Vice President
Autism Speaks, April 2008

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