The Journey of Being an Events Intern

Before becoming an events intern, I had little to no idea how all the minuscule details that go into planning an event. Yes, I understood the big picture of organizing and executing one but I wasn’t fully aware of the time commitment and dedication needed. Within two months I quickly learned some of the do’s and don’t’s of how to perfect a successful event. I am currently learning how to master the art of creating professional emails, documents and event calendars, the importance of a master event plan and how to successfully utilize effective and efficient communication through various techniques like conference calls and emails. This is just a taste of my experience so far in the shoes of an event intern.

I am currently assisting Ginger and Amy on two of the several projects we have: Autism Science Foundation’s 3rd Annual Day of Learning and the Kidsbridge Walk2Stop Bullying. With both events I am directing most of my attention in helping each organization market their specific event to potential guests, sponsors and more. Each event requires my help in different ways and is teaching me a lot about researching, time management and organization.

As an events intern for the Autism Science Foundation’s event, I learned that there are numerous websites that allow you to submit your event on their event calendar for FREE! I found this out when I was researching appropriate websites with event calendars to market their event. I accomplished this by expressing all the details pertaining to the event within a limited number of characters along with a registration link and a picture.

Events Intern Events with Ginger & Co.

When assisting with Kidsbridge’s event, I quickly found out that there are hundreds of district anti-bullying coordinators and school specialists within New Jersey. I had no idea New Jersey was so involved and dedicated in spreading awareness of bullying. I found this information out when I was trying to research and compile a contact list for Kidsbridge’s event. I also had to formulate a personalized but professional email to each district coordinator and school specialists, which we will use later on to contact everyone on our list.

By assisting on both of these events, I have learned more than any classroom has ever taught me. Working as an events intern has opened my eyes to many things within this type of career path. So far, Ginger and Amy have taught me that organization, time management, communication and patience are key to being successful AND stress-free. Thanks to Events with Ginger & Co. I have learned a lot of vital information to help better myself and my career and it has only been two months. I can’t wait to see where I will be in May!

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