Why I Want an Event Planning Career

Throughout my whole life I have always known that the career I choose must allow me to be as creative as possible. I personally can’t just sit at a desk and do the same routine every day. I want to be able to challenge myself through my career and overcome it. This makes the journey more fun and rewarding. I have always told myself that wherever I end up, whatever career I decided to take on, I will always strive for the best. I can proudly say this comes from my family and work values which allows me to be personable. Thanks to being very detail-oriented, patient and a creative thinker, I will able to utilize all my strengths throughout my career.  I couldn’t think of a job more relevant to these strengths than an event planning career.

When I was a freshman at Montclair State University I thought I wanted to be a part of the fashion industry. It would allow me to be as creative as I want and meet a lot of different people. When I got into the small and competitive program at school I soon felt like something was missing. As I tried to get a grip on my classes and college in general, I decided to join a national organization at school. Going down that path opened so many doors for me and one of them was event planning. Being a part of the organization for almost four years allowed me to experience different levels of leadership and career ideas. I was able to organize, budget, manage and execute seven events by the time my senior year came around. The events varied through the years but all had the same concept and great results. Instead of freaking out in my fashion classes I soon figured out that it was time for a change. So summer going into my junior year I switched my major from Fashion Studies to Business Administration with a Concentration in Management and focused my time on pursuing an event planning career, which feels more me.

Event Planning Career Events with Ginger & Co.

So here I am at Events with Ginger & Co. with a better grasp on what I feel I am supposed to be doing with my skills and strengths. I want to help individuals successfully create and enjoy their events no matter what style or scale it may be. I want to cater to a client’s needs and help make their dream event come true in the most stress-free way possible. I stumbled upon this quote a few years ago: “The most successful event is the one that achieves your goals and exceeds your expectations.” I plan to make this my guide as I embark on my event planning career.

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